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False Cases In India Can Only be Solved By Your thinking

As every coin has two sides similarly our society too has two sides. If there are good people then there are bad people too who involve others in false cases just to take revenge or to win a battle. Ultimately this battle gives nothing to either of the parties but still they love to get involved. Here nothing means no mental peace, satisfaction, nothing like this is gained by litigation. If anyone gets money by doing all this then also for how long that money will last?

If you have earned that money by wrong means then he/she will definitely lose it by hook or by crook. It’s the rule of God which is known to everyone but is followed upon by only few of them. Moreover people lose their loved ones, their trust by involving them in false cases by putting false allegations which is the biggest loss. Sooner or later people do realize their mistakes but it is better if they realize before it is too late. One should apply his/her own brains rather than following on somebody else’s advice.

This is the major problem in India. We look at others what they are doing and follow them without thinking about its pros and cons instead of thinking about it deeply that whether that particular thing will fit in our life or not. Everybody has intellect, supreme power given by God but how many of us actually applies it in the right path? Many of us try to make money by different wrong means, they formulate various tricks for it, if they would have used their intellect in right direction then they would have been on top of the world. But we are unaware of it and always prefer to use shortcuts.

Most important thing in life is our loved ones who stay with us life long at every stage of life whether we are progressing or not, motivating us to get through all the difficulties of life. Many wives file false cases against her in laws which might be the result of any small quarrel but leads to big one if not controlled at the right time. Small small things keep on getting collected in her mind and at the the volcano explodes.

This is not just her mind but it includes suggestions of various other people in touch with her may be her parents, relatives, etc. Now here the duty of a good parent or a good relative is to settle her life and not to break her matrimonial relations but what happens in today’s society, forgetting about maintaining the relations they pollute her mind so much upto that level that she finally takes the drastic step of ruining her life as well as her children’s.

Infact it should be such that parents and relatives should try to finish the quarrel if any and should teach her not to react on trivial things. If it will be so then the volcano will never explode and no home will be destroyed unnecessarily.

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