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Civil Law

The civil law in India comprises of the laws formed and followed at federal and state levels, and rulings by courts of law made from time to time in the country. As one of the immensely reputed and leading full-service law firms in India, ours globally prominent law firm provides the complete gamut of legal services and expert counsel regarding the civil law india, in every part of the country. Apart from this civil law, all other areas of the legal practice have been well-served by us in countries worldwide. The scope and ambit of civil law is rather extensive, and encompasses matters.

Civil Laws in India includes many laws, some of them are as follows :

1. Family Law
2. Administrative Law
3. Tort Law
4. Consumer Law
5. Tax Law
6. Contract Law Etc.

Hierarchy of Civil Courts in India:

India follows a hierarchical system, giving different powers and authority to courts in India. The Supreme Court of India located in New Delhi is the apex court; the factors in determining the further hierarchy of the civil courts are jurisdiction, i.e., monetary and territorial. Pecuniary means depending upon the case value of suit and territorial refers to the area in which the particular offense was executed.


Supreme Court of India :

The Supreme Court of India is the apex Court having an appellate jurisdiction for all civil matters. The judgments of the Supreme Court of India are considered as final. These are also binding on all the Indian courts.

High Courts :

Next in the hierarchy are the High Courts, established state-wise, or common High Court for two or more states.

District Courts/City Civil Courts :

Then comes the District Courts generally having pecuniary jurisdiction of Rs 20 lakh but more than 3 lakh.

Lower Court :

The lowest in the hiearchy include Munsif’s Courts and small causes court.

Further, there are courts established to deal with particular matters like Family Courts, Consumer Courts, and various tribunals. One of the oldest fields in Law is Civil Law, which provides a variety of career opportunities. From private clients to government officials, professionals deal with all within the dispute resolving mechanism. With the increase in awareness in the society, there is a substantial increase in career opportunities in the relevant area. 

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