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Supreme Court Quashed 6 Names From 498A FIR Of NRI Husband

Brief of Case : This Client was based in Saudi Arabia and there was matrimonial disputes happened between both the parties. Wife came to India and falsely implicated 6 Relatives of Husband in the case. They went Maharashtra High court for FIR quashing but Bench rejected the same then Husband approached us to file quashing in Hon’ble Supreme Court and

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CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY  1. Short title extent and commencement : – (1) This Act may be called the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023. (2) The provision sot this Sanhita, other than those relating to Chapters IX, XI and XII thereof, shall not Nagaland; a. To the state of Nagaland; b. To the tribal areas, but the concerned state Government may,

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BNSS 2023 – Statement of Objects and Reasons

THE BHARATIYA NAGARIK SURAKSHA SANHITA, 2023 [REPLACING CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, 1973] [Act No. 46 of 2023] [25th December, 2023] An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Criminal Procedure. Be it enacted by Parliament in the Seventy-fourth year of the Republic of India as follows Statement of objects and reasons The code of criminal Procedure, 1973 regulates

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THE BHARATIYA NAGARIK SURAKSHA SANHITA, 2023 Flow chart showing key changes

Following flow chart shows key changes as incorporated in BNSS, 2023 in contrary to Cr. P.C. 1973.- Topic Particular Community Service Punishment of community service has been incorporated in the BNSS, 2023. A Magistrate of First or Second Class has been specifically empowered to impose such punishment; in order to encourage a more reparative approach to minor crimes. [Vide Section

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What Is The Right Time To Go For Counter Cases ?

Whenever  there is any matrimonial dispute between husband and wife things come to end in court. Our judicial system gives numerous options to wife to claim for maintenance to file case for cruelty, for domestic violence, etc. Now the question arises what is the option left with husband ? Many times husband becomes the victim in all these, he is

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‘जीवन में हो चारित्रिक शिक्षा‘

शिक्षा की उपेक्षा को लगभग एक शताब्दी होना खेदपूर्ण है। हम सभी विवशता में यथास्थिति के जीवन को जी रहे हैं जो कि दोषपूर्ण है शिक्षा जो कि देश का मुख्य आधार होती है जिससे नागरिकों के जीवन शिक्षा से रिक्त है। जारी शिक्षा कथनी की देन तो है परन्तु करनी से इसका सम्बन्ध नहीं है। इसीलिए पूरा देश कर्तव्यों

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निष्काम कर्म सर्वोच्च राष्ट्र

देश के निर्माण के लिए वर्तमान को चारित्रिक जीवन की सीख देने की सबसे अधिक आवश्यकता है और कथनी के भ्रष्ट कागजी माध्यम को छोड देने सर्वाधिक जरूरत है। हमारे देश में गरीबी का प्रमुख कारण शिक्षा में कागजी माध्यम और कागजी कार्य प्रणाली का होना है। देश में कथनी का पाठ्य कार्यक्रम का जारी रहना विचारहींनता और कि कर्तव्य

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जीवन का नयापन

शिक्षा धनोपार्जन और बाजारीकरण के बिना हर नये जीवन में शिक्षा को बोना जरूरी है। लगभग एक शताब्दी के विलम्ब के बाद यथास्थितियों में जीना दुभाग्यपूर्ण है। हमारा जीना गरीबी और शोषण से मुक्त होना चाहिए। हमें जीवन का सत्य प्राप्त कर जीवन मूल्यों को अपने जीवन में पिरोना चाहिए ना कि कागजोें से जुडकर कागजों की भांति वजनहींन और

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How To Reduce Maintenance ?

In a matrimonial dispute first and foremost step taken by wife is maintenance case. She files a case under Sec 125 CrPC for maintenance of her and children if any. No matter if she herself is well educated and is earning a good sum of money. In most of the cases she files cases just to harass the husband and

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How To Get Quick Divorce

“Marriages are made in heaven.” It is a very famous saying but now a days the meaning of marriage has been totally changed. Now the couple getting married cannot even tolerate each other more than few months. The heavenly nature of the marriage lasts only for few months or for few days in some cases. According to Hindu Marriage Act,

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