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How To Get Child Custody

Couples get married, have children by God’s grace and then they get separated because of differences between them. Many disputes arise between them and in their dispute mother takes the child away from father. If we look at this in all these disputes the major loss is of the child. The child needs the love of both the mother and father. Father’s love is equally important as mother’s love for a child. We generally think that mother plays a more important role in taking care of a child but if we see from the perspective of a father then we can realize what a child means to a father.

Mother gets engrossed in household work whereas father becomes stressed after struggling to earn livelihood of his family whole day. In the evening when father plays with his child, his total mental pressure goes away and he feels so relaxed as if he has regained his energy. Mother think that she is the only one who is doing everything for the kid but it is not so father also plays equal role. It is just that his efforts goes unseen.

According to our judiciary in any matrimonial dispute if a child is below 5 years of age then mother is being given the custody of the child and after 5 years father can apply for the custody. But in these 5 years mother turns the child against father upto such extent that the child doesn’t want to talk to him or look at him. Now the child doesn’t know what the dispute was about, whose mistake was there, he/she just sees the things the way mother used to show to him/her.

It is a very sensitive issue. Husband and wife quarrel the most on child custody as child is near and dear to both of them. If we think from the child’s perspective then we can understand that the child needs both of them. The couple should try to resolve their differences for the sake of their child as there is no bigger sin than bereaving the child from father’s love.

Many fathers think that they cannot get the child’s custody but it is not this way. Many times father gets the custody is he can prove in court that he can take better care of the child and mother is not fit to take care. Court analyses everything from the perspective of the welfare of the child, better future of the child, proper education of the child. If father can prove that he is able to take care of all these things then he gets the custody, his background should be clean, no criminal records, no bad habit should be there.

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