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What Is The Right Time To Go For Counter Cases ?

Whenever  there is any matrimonial dispute between husband and wife things come to end in court. Our judicial system gives numerous options to wife to claim for maintenance to file case for cruelty, for domestic violence, etc. Now the question arises what is the option left with husband ? Many times husband becomes the victim in all these, he is left with only two options whether to give good sum of money as alimony to wife or to bear the litigation process going on far at a place from his residence. Many girls are purposely getting married keeping this view in mind that she has to extort more and more money from the husband and this process continues……..

To stop this husband has the option of counter cases. If injustice has been done to him then he need not to sit quietly and wait for maintenance to be fixed for wife. Matrimonial disputes begins and wife leaves her matrimonial house and starts staying at her parental home. Husband tries his best to get her back but she doesn’t. Now in this case husband should remain quiet if no action has been taken by wife while living in her parental home.

Most of the husbands give applications here and there to the various authorities, they either file Sec 9 under Hindu Marriage Act or divorce but the right thing should be waiting and sitting quietly without taking any action till wife takes the initiative. Once wife files cases from her side then it becomes the right time for husband to go for counter cases. Generally it happens there is a quarrel between both the families and one gets injured or bear some other loss then he/she needs to quickly get the medical done, file complain in police station and proceed further with the counter cases.

There are many cases in which wife and her parents beat the husband or his family members badly so in this case counter case is the best option when F.I.R has been lodged against them by wife. When the wife will come to know about the counter case then she will have to come to the residing place of husband. She will obviously try to transfer the case but the case should be made such that the possibility of transferability becomes nil. Transferring a case is not that easy it requires lot of litigation expenses.

Now when she will see the changing circumstances that I am getting nothing and I have to spend in the litigation process so much then automatically she will come back foot and will try to compromise according to husband’s terms and conditions. But all this has to be done before maintenance is fixed otherwise it will have no effect as wife will think that I will do the expenditure from the maintenance itself which she is getting from the husband. Involving other person in litigation is very easy but one getting himself/herself involved in all this then things become clear. Generally wife involves other family members also along with husband no matter if they live far away and have not to do anything with their dispute but still she involves them to trouble the whole family. Husband should also apply the same technique.


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