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Court’s view on maintenance

Matrimonial disputes have become so common in today’s time that everywhere we see there is a dispute in almost every second house. Few houses are there in which there is a dispute going on as per according to the no. of marriages in that house. No. of disputes is equal to the no. of marriages. By looking at this scenario one often becomes afraid of getting married even. Moreover there is no particular reason behind these disputes, they just happen because of the difference in the thinking of the couple.

One can never make out in starting that anything like litigations, extortion is going to happen in future or someone whom they loved so much is going to change all of a sudden. That’s why most of us get trapped in marriages which leads to nuisance for rest of the life.Wife on being separated asks for maintenance under section 125 CrPC, D.V. Act, section 24 HMA, etc. In most of the cases, the court fixes particular amount as maintenance to be given to wife by husband even if wife herself earns a good sum of money and she doesn’t require anymore. In many cases it is seen maintenance more than the salary of husband is fixed to wife, without focussing on the liabilities of husband.

After that husband will have to go to higher court which ultimately leads to greater expense with no guarantee that maintenance fixed will be removed or not. One cannot imagine that stage of life, he doesn’t do anything else rather than cursing the day of his marriage. Now what option is left with him ? Everything should be analysed very deeply before fixing any maintenance that whether in actual wife deserves it not. If she has children with her then it seems quite reasonable but if not and she herself is earning then she should not get maintenance just because she is his wife.

God has given skills to every person, means of livelihood to everyone, and by god’s grace everyone can earn his/her living himself/herself. And this should be like this only, one should not depend on others except in certain circumstances. If wife is taking such a decision of getting separate from her matrimonial house then she should think of how to earn her livelihood. It is not at all right to become a burden on somebody else. A woman with full of self esteem will never ever accept such kind of money.

A person earns for himself/herself and for his/her family and people like these become vultures to grab more and more from the helpless. Changes should be done in our system of justice where situations of husband is totally ignored while making decisions.

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