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False Case Of 376 IPC

If we look at today’s scenario we will observe things to have been changed so much. During earlier time if a person commits the heinous crime of rape to any woman then he was almost boycotted from the society. At that time having relationships, being in affairs, having girlfriend or boyfriend was not so common as it is now. Similarly no. of false cases of 376 IPC have gradually increased.

We don’t realize that it is getting deeply rooted in our society with time. We often think that nothing wrong will happen to us, it is for others but it is not so, anything can happen with any one of us so we need to be aware of all the circumstances and take the necessary precautionary steps. As a parent what is our duty? To educate our children, to provide them all their necessities, to make them independent to earn their own livelihood. Now what happens in this process when children get freedom from home and sets his/her journey, they get involved in relationships. After that when it comes to marriage, they have to act according to their family which finally leads to false case of 376 IPC.

It feels good to be in a relationship with someone but one is not aware of its drastic consequences at that time and repents afterwards. Things if went worse supposing in any quarrel between the two, the girl simply blackmails the boy to trap him in false case of 376 IPC and whole career of that boy gets spoiled. There are many such clever girls also who intentionally do all this in order to extort money from the boy similar to honey trap.

There are few innocent girls as well who become victim, they want to punish the accused but they are afraid of telling the truth to her family. Parents think their children are getting independent but in actual something else happens beyond their expectations. So as a parent it is our duty to keep an eye on our children’s activity. Children often tell lies but we need to make sure that they don’t lie in such a difficult situation afterwards.

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